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  1. David Rolfe

    Found your videos on your travel to India. My wife and I will be going soon and we love your videos and they will be very helpful to us as well.

    I did post a note on one of the YouTube videos about the Taj Mahal view from the other side of the river. My question was in regards to where you got the picture. I meant to ask two things: 1: what application/software do you use to scan, or pan, over a panoramic picture, and 2: I read there is a garden on the other side of the river that rickshaws can take you to. Were you in the garden for that shot and if not, how did you get there (how did you tell a driver to get there or did you just walk)?

    And a third question semi related to the video: Do you remember which hostel you stayed that had the view of the Taj?

    Thank you for any information you have.

    1. Frank

      Hi David, thank you for watching the videos. The panorama photo was stitched in Photoshop, and the HDR effect was done in Photomatix. We didn’t go into the garden – it’s not really worth it. We were right next to the garden. That spot is pretty popular so you can just ask a rickshaw driver to take you to the other side of the river to see the back of the Taj. If for some reason the driver doesn’t know, ask to go to the gate of the garden there.

      The hotel name is hard to remember now. It sounded something like Sitartra, and was mentioned in the Lonely Planet book. There are actually many hostels with even better views of the Taj, so it won’t be hard to find one. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Paulo Filipe


    I want to thank your video, it made me go to Orcha.
    Your wonderful footage and wonderful pictures led me to take a detour and stop two days in Orchha. I loved it, it was one of my favorite places in India. thank you

    1. Frank

      That is awesome Paulo! We always think that if just one person saw one our videos and went traveling because of it, then that makes everything worthwhile. So it makes us very happy that you went to Orchha and had a great time. Thank you for letting us know!

  3. Rhea

    Please contact me urgently as I would like to purchase some footage from you if possible.

  4. susan

    Hi frank. I saw your vedio at youtube. Ita amazing . I like indie too.
    I plan to visit orchha india at 25th FEB. And want to stay hotel what u stay . It’s call hotel sheesh mahal ,right? I already search net but cant found out any booking detail about the hotel. Please do a favor sent me hotel contact if you remember. Thanks you very much.

    1. Frank

      sorry for the late reply. yes the hotel was called the sheesh mahal. I don’t remember the contact details anymore but found this link where it looks like you can book it,

      I didn’t use that site myself so no guarantees, try and see if it works. good luck!

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